You have pockets right?

20160323_200926We went snowboarding at Keystone this past Sunday and picked up a decent amount of trash… There are more people are in the mountains this month with spring break happening for many schools and families. Which is why it almost makes sense that there is more garbage floating around the mountain, but the issue is all the bar wrappers and cans and trail maps are sitting in pockets when they come to the mountain. Is it really that hard to put that wrapper or map back into your pocket when you are done with it? Great thing about pockets is that you can keep using them! I find it so annoying to find all these smalls things people toss on the ground when it is so easy to ride to the bottom of the hill and put the trash in a bins that every mountain has. We all have to pitch in to keep the world around us going, lets stop having others take care of us and at least take some small responsibilities. Use those pockets please.

Mountains are medicine

20160310_132155I love going into the mountains. Whether it be snowboarding or hiking or mountain biking, there is something that is so refreshing about being outside. Sometimes I forget about all the nature and beauty around while snowboarding. Apart from being fun the best part of skiing and riding is that it is outside and you are using natural things as part of the sports. Whether you ride park, pow, or just groomers for fun don’t forget to stop, look up and enjoy the view. I promise you won’t regret it! For me it is a form of meditation, I always take a few minutes atop one of the runs to sit and just see what is around me. Really look around, see the mountains, trees, and other riders.  It always relaxes and centers me. It reminds me that we are all connected, to each other and the natural world around us.


One step forward, two steps backwards

Become Nika

In the nature of human beings is to react when it’s already too late. For example, sometimes we do things for which we know that they’re not good for our health, but we continue doing them thinking the problem won’t hit us, it always hits someone else. Until it hits you. And what then? The problem already occurred and it’s already late to fix it. Now you have to make twice more effort just to go back to your normal condition, instead of just respecting your health and reducing the harm.

It is same with our planet. It seems that we will start to act and understand the problem of pollution when it’s too late, when next generations will wear gas masks on the streets on regular basis. It’s already happening in China and it will come soon to all parts over the world, mainly because we all pollute this…

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Nothing but edge trails.

Every time I go snowboarding, hiking, or biking I try and pick up all the trash I see. Sometimes it’s a lot, best is when it’s none. Yesterday I rode copper mountain and all I found was 1 water bottle. Always stoked to find little or no trash while outside. We all need to help create more sustainable slopes. Leave nothing but footprints, or edge trails.


No more plastic bags

20160309_125855When my girlfriend and I started to stop using as much plastic and throw away items the first thing we did was stop using plastic trash bags. It was a very easy transition living in a small apartment. We went bought two square containers, one for trash the other for recycling, and a small counter top compost bin. With the organic materials going to compost the trash never smells, and items are easy to dump in the trash and recycle bins outside. Also never have to worry about bags breaking as you walk to the bin. No more plastic bags and less trash to the landfill.