Arrests for Democracy

Hundreds of people were arrested for protesting big money in politics in DC this past week. I don’t watch the news, but the fact that the news of the protests and arrests we’re not more public is upsetting. Part of the problem with our government and society is the lack of knowledge, I really hope this changes soon, or that more people become willing to listen. Without a properly functioning governments we cannot make the changes to save ourselves and our planet.

Vlog #2

We can all do small things to help, and if we ALL do things maybe we can make some change. Before that time comes more people need to be aware of the issues. Awareness is one of the things that we need to work on the most.

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In this vlog we wanted to see what other people think about ecology, how sustainable they are and is there awareness at all between people when it comes to being eco-friendly.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Enjoy! 🙂

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Are people really the most intelligent species in the world as they claim? More intelligent than animals and their predecessors?

We need to wake up as a species and change us.

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profil intelligence

Human beings consider to be the most intelligent species in this world. I would say in theory yes, but if you look on practical examples….Humanity, you failed.

Massive deforestation in order to make space for plantations making palm oil we use in our everyday products. The fastest way is to cut and burn which produces enormous carbon dioxide released to the air. This is stupid in many ways. Firstly because trees are taking carbon dioxide from the air and storing them forever releasing oxygen. Secondly, when you cut or burn those trees, all that carbon dioxide stored for years in those trees is released.  And last but not least, smog that is the product of burning produces carbon dioxide and pollutes additionally the air. So the amount of carbon dioxide is doubled.  Smart,no?


Then comes the water pollution… Seems like animals were not using objects on those pictures and left all…

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Car fluids can be better.

20160405_155543So cars are pretty bad when it comes to toxic fluids, especially older ones that leak a lot. Recently I decided to try some easy things that make my car slightly better. One of the easiest is purchasing radiator fluid that is less toxic. Biofrost, Sierra, and Prestone all make safer alternatives to traditional antifreeze. If you google it you will find more, most are easier to order online than found in store in my experience. At the moment I have only used the Sierra brand and I have not noticed any difference compared to the more toxic versions.

The second easy thing is wiper fluid alternatives. There are brands that sell eco-friendly wiper fluid, or you can make your own. I have tried making my own and I think it is the best solution. It is cheaper and super easy. There are some excellent recipes online that work well, below is where I got my start on my wiper fluid. In the summer just water and a plant based window cleaner works great for me, and currently I just reuse my old fluid bottle. In the winter however I mixed mine with traditional because it would freeze often while driving in the mountains.

It is only a small start to making a car more eco, but it is better than nothing. Small steps are better than no steps.

Eco-friendly windshield wiper fluid solutions