Quick Thought

My girlfriend and I have been trying to become more minimalist and get rid of things we don’t need. We have cleaned out a bunch of stuff and we felt proud of that fact, but then we remembered there are people starving and dying in other places…. Thinking outside of your own space makes everything seem smaller. Consumerism is an all consuming mindset. We need to break free of this idea we need to have “things” and have excess of everything, no matter how hard it is. The world is large, but we are all connected.

If we all cared

Something I have noticed while out talking to people canvassing this summer is we don’t care enough. There are a lot of people who care about others well being, but not enough. We are all to selfish and think to small. It’s hard to see past our own small worlds, but if we all would take some time and help others, or consider others situations we could create a better world. We need to practice more selflessness. How does the saying go? Treat others how you want to be treated…

Cut out the meat, at least a little.

We consume so much meat, especially in america, it is disgusting. If people would cut out some of their meat consumption we could make such an impact. People don’t have to become vegan or vegetarian, just eat more veggies. Take a couple days a week, or even a few meals a week and don’t eat meat. Some good motivation is the info from One Green Planet. Less meat and more veggies will make a healthier planet, and provide more food across the world.