Cut out the meat, at least a little.

We consume so much meat, especially in america, it is disgusting. If people would cut out some of their meat consumption we could make such an impact. People don’t have to become vegan or vegetarian, just eat more veggies. Take a couple days a week, or even a few meals a week and don’t eat meat. Some good motivation is the info fromĀ One Green Planet. Less meat and more veggies will make a healthier planet, and provide more food across the world.


Arrests for Democracy

Hundreds of people were arrested for protesting big money in politics in DC this past week. I don’t watch the news, but the fact that the news of the protests and arrests we’re not more public is upsetting. Part of the problem with our government and society is the lack of knowledge, I really hope this changes soon, or that more people become willing to listen. Without a properly functioning governments we cannot make the changes to save ourselves and our planet.