Resets and outdoors

Taking the time to get outside is essential. Going out and camping even one night out amongst the trees and nature will help reset you and take away stress and anxiety. Living in Colorado people are generally happier and healthier, and it has a lot to do with getting out and soaking up some sun. It is easy to get stressed and fall off track of goals, plans, and life. I challenge people who are feeling anxiety to just go sit with some trees in the woods, camp, or anything that will get you away from electronics and noise, and closer to nature. People make fun of all the hippies, but they have some things right. It’s all about finding a balance between the natural world, and the one we have created.



Plastic Pollution and Nature

Many of us do not realize our impact on nature. There are a lot of people who do not go outside, and if they do, they never get to places where there is no people or cell reception. Therefore we never see plastic pollution outside of our city streets. It really is crazy how much plastic and trash is just floating around on earth. Next time you toss a wrapper or bottle, or see one on the ground think about where it goes. Chances are the ocean. Wind will blow it, or rain will carry it to a stream, to a river to the ocean or maybe a reservoir for recreation or drinking water. Trash doesn’t stay in one place, it flows like everything else. Everything we do is connected back to use one way or another, even our waste. Here’s a little article that has a birds nest with plastic trash featured.